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Five Contemporary Designer Makers

Passion comes first. I work playfully and energetically both when designing and making. It may be that spontaneous moment when an idea springs to life, when I can’t resist the compulsion to make a life-size drawing, the urge to splash colour or hammer a malleable chunk of metal.


Believing wholeheartedly that jewellery should be enjoyed; I love to share the creativity and processes that are so often hidden away. I want to captivate and inspire people to share my joy in creating and encourage people to talk, laugh and celebrate the joy in jewellery!


Every piece has been individually made and beautifully crafted in silver using a range of raising and forming techniques. Designs bring together innovation and craft with bold colour, illuminating light and dramatic contours. A bespoke colour service is available for all my pieces and I can happily work to private, corporate or public commission.



Artist Page, At the Workbench Artist Page, Magenta Reflect Bracelet Artist Page, Citrine Friendship Bracelet, 2 Artist Page, Blue Topaz Reflect Necklet