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I trained in three dimensional design, producing sculptural furniture, predominantly in metal.  I have brought this interest of three dimensions into my two dimensional work.  My original inspiration was in everyday objects and shapes to produce pieces such as Knife and Fork chairs.  Now I am using a similar train of thought in my interest for the everyday views of London, that we take for granted.  London is a constantly changing city, contrasting the old with the new, which I find a rich vein of inspiration. I am interested in finding new views and angles of a place that I live and work in.


Featuring evidence of nature in the city is important to me which helps soften the harshness of the urban environment.  Also a person going about their normal everyday activity, riding a bicycle, reading a newspaper.  These everyday occurrences taking place in one of the most exciting cities in the world.  They all play a part in my work.



3.Image of work Eye and Big Ben Collage 3.Image of work BT Collage 3.Image of work Cityscape 3.Image of work St.Brides